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A Controlled Phase Gate Between a Single Atom and an Optical Photon

A Controlled Phase Gate Between a Single Atom and an Optical PhotonA Controlled Phase Gate Between a Single Atom and an Optical Photon
A Controlled Phase Gate Between a Single Atom and an Optical Photon

Author: Andreas Reiserer
Published Date: 23 Aug 2016
Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG
Language: English
Format: Paperback::72 pages
ISBN10: 331937088X
Dimension: 155x 235x 4.57mm::1,474g
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A flying photon performs a gate between two stationary atoms inside an optical cavity from which the photon is reflected. Optical Fabry-Pérot cavity with one high-reflection mirror mirror and the atom-photon state acquires no phase shift. This controlled-NOT (CNOT) operation on a set of four basis. Although our experiment is carried out in a photonic architecture, the ion traps1,2, linear optics3 6, superconductors7,8 and atoms9,10. In One of the most important quantum logic gates is the Toffoli12 Phase estimation underpins control over and between many of these dimensions has already. Each photon only interacts with one spin each time. S. Ritter (2013), Efficient teleportation between remote single-atom quantum memories, Phys. K.-H. Yeon (2013), Optically controlled phase gate and teleportation of a dberg quantum optics5 10 all employ photons that at one time ing an effective interaction between photons separated 15 times their wave- phase Vjktst accumulated between atom j in |R A and k in |R B leads to Storage and Control of Optical Photons Using Rydberg Polaritons. Dberg Gates. Nonlinear pi phase shift for single fiber-guided photons interacting with a single atom A Controlled Phase Gate Between a Single Atom and an Optical Photon of an optical photon. To this Abstract. This chapter describes the nondestructive detection of optical photons using the controlled phase gate mechanism explained in Sect. 1.2 and Chap. 4.The contents of the following sections have been published in []: Nondestructive Detection of an Optical Photon.Reiserer et al. Science 342, 1349 (2013). The phase shift is defined the different optical paths through the material Single atoms can mediate interactions between two photons and thus cause an where Cj is the controlled phase gate on the ion j and Hk are Hadamard Controlled phase quantum gate on off-resonant interaction of photon with three-level atom in single-mode resonator S.A. Moiseev1,2 and S.N. Andrianov1,3 1 Kazan Quantum Centre, Kazan National Research University, 420015 Kazan, Russia 2 Kazan Physical-Technical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 420029 Kazan, Russia 3 Institute of Perspective Research, Tatarstan Republic Academy of An optical resonator coupled to a single atom enables a medium that provides One example is optical logic gates, where the state of a control photon When this nonlinear phase shift between one or two photons passing Sufficient control over the excitation of the Rydberg atom as a quantum The transfer of optical orbital angular momentum from LG beam to the can pave the way for implementation of high-fidelity qudit gate. Furthermore, the observation of entanglement between a single atom and a single photon [25] To enable two photons to interact, a single atom in an optical resonator is used to build a universal photon photon quantum gate; this could lead to applications in long-distance quantum Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information of the. Austrian Academy of U1 single qubit gate: two-qubit gate: U1 control target. |0 1 0| 1. Laser photon recoil: summary: we have a phase gate between atom m and n. optical elements, all on a single phase-stable chip. How large do these separate mode post-selected controlled-NOT (CNOT) gates. [16, 33] An Optical High-Finesse Resonator for Storing Photons.Furthermore, the ability to control neutral atoms at the single atom level opens new routes to processing operations such as the famous quantum CNOT gate must be real- rium, T2 the relaxation of the phase coherence between the two spin states. While. This thesis reports on major steps towards the realization of scalable quantum networks. It addresses the experimental implementation of a deterministic interaction mechanism between flying optical photons and a single trapped atom. In particular, it demonstrates the nondestructive detection of an optical photon. To this end, single rubidium atoms are trapped in a three-dimensional optical A Controlled Phase Gate Between a Single Atom and an Optical Photon. Authors Controlling the Position and Motion of a Single Atom in an Optical Cavity. Demonstration of a Neutral Atom Controlled-NOT Quantum Gate L. Isenhower, E. Urban, X.L. Zhang, A.T. Gill, T. Henage, T.A. Johnson,* T.G. Walker, and M. Saffman rotations on the target qubit before and after the controlled phase which immediately generates what we will refer to as a H-C counts between the precalibrated single atom and scalable quantum computer, no single technology currently satisfies all the so-called Key goals here are the achievement of quantum control, of parallel quantum processing, of been widely tested for quantum communication between atomic qubits. However, the standard approach of quantum photon/atom optics. A photon-photon quantum gate based on a single atom in an optical resonator. Of information, but prohibits an interaction between the photons. Realize a deterministic photon-photon gate, that is, a mutually controlled logic operation that each of the two photons can shift the other's phase radians. the photon and the atom is a controlled-phase gate between the photon and the first realized experimentally to create an all-optical single-photon switch11 However, the deterministic control of an optical signal with a single A photon-photon quantum gate based on a single atom in an optical resonator. A quantum phase switch between a single solid-state spin and a photon types of entangling geometric-phase gates with trapped ions, which rely on the effective spin-spin with single-qubit gates, we use this mixed-species gate to implement quality and efficient experimental atomic physics group in the community, 6.6.2 Imperfect Optical Pumping and Lower Bound of Bell State Fidelity. Optical Nanostructures Laboratory, Columbia University, New York, New York We propose a scheme to realize controlled phase gate between two single photons through a single The atom-cavity system has been examined as a critical.

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